Recently re-designed the Portland Nursery School website, to help give them a fresh new look and making information easier to find for potential enrollments.  I had originally designed a site for them back in 2014 as part of my parental duties as my son was enrolled in their wonderful co-op preschool program at the time.  

We decided to go for a more simplistic but not simple design that focuses more on mobile users first, as the majority of Internet users being accessed from mobile devices in 2019.  The new main feature is the enrollment form, which walks the parents through the pre-enrollment process easily and headache free with just a few simple steps to gather required information as well as giving a better understanding of what Portland Nursery Schools co-op program is all about.

As for the parents that already or are ready to enroll, we have added payment options so that enrollment payments can now be paid online.  We believe this will make things much easier on the parents as we all know life with kids can sometimes be a little hectic.  Having the option to easily go online and make a payment can help make life go a little smoother.

We also added a new chat feature that is connected with Facebook messenger, so that if you have any questions or concerns you can instantly send a message that will quickly be answered.  Speaking of Facebook, don’t forget to go give them a Like and Follow them on Instagram at @learn_through_play_maine

Head on over to and check them out now!

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