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60% of Internet users are using mobile devices to view your website. Be a step ahead of the game and have a Responsive Website designed today! SDC will make sure that your site looks great on all devices before you launch

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We are a creative agency located in Portland, Me. that will create a custom responsive website for your company, that can and will be used as an effective tool to create more sales leads, convert visitor’s to customers, and increase sales on your online shop (eCommerce Websites). Our clients are from a wide range of industries: from salon and spa companies to heating and cooling service technicians, who need a clean and professional website that will provide an increase in customers and sales.

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Ok, so you’re out and about and you need to find a good place to eat so you pull out your trusty smart phone and you do a simple search for “places to eat near me” when the results come up you see that restaurant that everyone has been raving about. You get curious and want to check out their menu and see what they have to offer, but as soon as you click on the page everything is hard to read, you have to scroll back and forth up and down pinch to zoom (not a good viewing experience). That would be an example of a static website, which is greatly outdated, if you have a static website please contact us today and we will custom design a responsive website for you. A responsive website will give you and your customers a much more pleasant experience, fonts are all easy to read with no scrolling or zooming, images and content are all scaled to fit the correct device you are using (smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop).

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Small Business Website Design

We love good ideas, and we also love to see people with good ideas do amazing things with them. Do you currently own a business or have an idea for one? Using our experience and knowledge of web design and building an online presence, we can translate your good ideas into a solid online presence that will attract new customers and drive traffic towards your business. We may only have a handful of year’s experience, but we can guarantee that we make up for that with our loyal customer support, personable experience and of course our extensive set of skills. Contact Us today to learn about how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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Ecommerce Website Development

Selling your products online can open a lot of doors for you, if done correctly. Just like your website, each of your products needs the attention to detail in order to be successfully found in search engines, so not only will we do the SEO for your website but for all of your products as well. Because hey, we want to see you sell your products just as bad as you do. Not only do we offer eCommerce Websites but we also offer ongoing services to compliment your online store as well, setting up your shop pricing and shipping , adding/removing products, product descriptions, product image editing,

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Good, Clean, Professional Website Design

Design isn’t just about looks, you can have the best looking website on the Internet, but maybe it doesn’t operate efficiently or you just aren’t getting the traffic you need to boost online sales. Not only do we design beautiful websites but we design them so that they operate smoothly, are easily accessible and of course easy to find. Check out our SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization) to find out more!

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Every project is different and we understand that each project brings different needs. We will gladly help by giving you plenty of options, bundled with our expert advice, we can help you choose the option that will work the best for you and your business.

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