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shaes bridal website re-design, we converted an outdated website to a new design that used current trends in web design, making it accessible for mobile users. We were also able to setup an ecommerce online store, where shaes bridal could showcase and sell their handcrafted products.

shaes bridal began in 2003 as creating memories designs. When I first began my adventure into wedding designing, I was doing simple wedding invitation designs and as time went on I ventured into adding in garters and pillows. Fast Forward 10 years in 2013, I reopened my business as shaes bridal. I started with Vintage Modern designs as well as Rustic. I eventually added in Superheroes and then Doctor Who, Star Wars and Harry Potter. I decided I didn’t want to make traditional wedding products and have since stopped designing Rustic and have changed to designing Vintage styles such as Gatsby and Rockabilly and adding Steampunk. I believe weddings should be unique to the couple and thats why I design unique items.

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